Manage Your Loan

If you received financing from the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency through one of our community partners to put toward your home purchase, repair your home or pay your mortgage and avoid foreclosure, we are glad you got the help you needed. Since we service those loans, you can easily manage your loan online by logging onto eStatus™. (FirstHome Mortgages and NC Home Advantage Mortgages™ are not handled through eStatus™ but are serviced by private companies—you can find who services yours on your monthly mortgage statement or payment coupon, if you have one.)

eStatus™ enables you to check your current balance, payment schedule and payment history. You can also update your contact information and request a payoff statement. 

We also encourage you to refer to the most frequently asked questions below for additional information to help you manage your loan, including the payment process and subordination. 

Q: What if I decide to sell?
A: The new buyers may be able to assume your mortgage. Conventional loans, however, are not assumable. In addition, the price limits for existing homes apply for resales. A federal law commonly known as “recapture tax” may affect homeowners whose mortgages are financed using Mortgage Revenue Bonds or if you have received a Mortgage Credit Certificate. 

Q: Where do I send my hazard insurance bill and/or my property tax bill if the NC Housing Finance Agency is servicing my loan?
A: Please mail your hazard insurance bill and property tax bills to:
           North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
           ATTN: Customer Service
           PO Box 28066
           Raleigh, NC  27611-8066

Q: How do I request a payoff quote for my NC Housing Finance Agency loan?
A: Email your request to [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name, address, NCHFA account number and an address or fax number for us to send the payoff quote to you.

Q: How do I make a payment on my NC Housing Finance Agency loan?
A: Please mail your payment to the address below.  Make sure to use your coupon and write your account number on your check.
            North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
            PO Box 603234
            Charlotte, NC  28260-3234

Q: If I refinance my FirstHome Mortgage or my NC Home Advantage MortgageTM, do I have to pay off my down payment assistance second mortgage?
A: The answer depends on the type of down payment assistance you received. If you received a Hardest Hit Fund $15,000 mortgage, you must pay off that loan with your refinance for the portion not yet forgiven. If you received your down payment assistance mortgage in conjunction with the NC Home Advantage MortgageTM, or with our FirstHome Mortgage, the answer is "it depends." The two options are to pay the first and second mortgages in full, or to keep the down payment assistance mortgage as a lien against the property. The latter process is called a subordination.

To subordinate a NC Home Advantage Mortgage™ or FirstHome down payment assistance loan, the following must be true*:

  • The closing of the down payment assistance loan must be more than seven years ago.
  • You must still be living in the home.
  • Cash out from the refinance transaction is capped at $500. The Agency will subordinate to a HELOC or Reverse Mortgage if the terms of the Agency loan are forgivable.
  • The new first mortgage must be a fixed rate loan. Credit union ARM loans are permitted.
  • The new principal and interest payment must be lower than the current principal and interest payment, except if the reduction in loan term from 30 years to 25 years or fewer.
  • Only one subordination is allowed. Subsequent refinances will require the down payment assistance loan to be paid in full.
  • A $250 non-refundable subordination fee is required.

If you are unsure if you are eligible to subordinate your down payment assistance loan, please contact us via email at [email protected] and we can review your case. 

*Other criteria may apply. 

Q: I make my payment through ACH automated draft each month. Will I receive a statement that reflects my payment and ending principal balance?
A: Yes, monthly statements are mailed after the 18th of each month.

Q: I used my last coupon, when will I receive new coupons and how do I remit a payment now?
A: Coupons are mailed on a quarterly basis. You will receive a loan statement and three coupons. In the meantime, you can remit your payment via check to:

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
PO Box 603234
Charlotte, NC 28260-3234

Please write your loan number on the Memo line of the check.