Housing Partnership

The North Carolina Housing Partnership oversees, establishes policy and allocates funding for the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund. The Housing Trust Fund, appropriated by the General Assembly, is North Carolina’s most flexible housing resource, as well as the largest source of financing for supportive housing and emergency repairs or accessibility modifications.

The Partnership consists of 13 members, including the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Executive Director, the Secretary of the Department of Commerce and the State Treasurer. The General Assembly appoints the other 10 members to represent low-income housing advocates, home builders, the League of Municipalities, nonprofit housing development corporations, residents of low-income housing and the real estate lending industry.

This board meets quarterly to discuss the allocation of Housing Trust Fund appropriations.

2024 Housing Partnership meetings are:

  • February 14
  • May 8
  • September 5
  • December 4

Dan Kornelis, Chair

Sallie Surface, Vice Chair

Scott Dedman

Scott Farmer

The Honorable Dale R. Folwell

Robert J. Kellogg

JC Lyle

James Pressly

Melody Smith

Tom E. Smith

Owen Thomas

Douglas Matney

Mary Elizabeth Wilson