Tax-Exempt Bonds

Tax-exempt bond financing provides long-term, below-market financing for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable rental housing. In order to utilize tax-exempt bond financing, you need to partner with a local entity, such as local government or a public housing authority, to issue the bonds.

We will review your application for bond financing to ensure your property meets our program guidelines. If you receive bond financing, you are also be eligible for a 4% federal tax credit. Applications are submitted through our online housing tax credit application, which provides interactive checks to make sure you meet all submission requirements.

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    1. Proposals for tax-exempt bond financing must comply with the current Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP). See if yours is eligible.

      View the QAP

    2. If funding is available and you’re ready to apply, use our online housing tax credit application system.

      Access the Rental Tax Credit Application System