Income Limits

The household size income limit is an important factor in determining a property’s compliance with state and federal regulations. This page has links to the necessary charts for you to determine your property’s compliance with the programs we monitor. 

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Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

The 2024 income and rent limits are available; however, they are project-specific due to changes in the law. The limits for each property may be found in the Rental Compliance Reporting System (RCRS). Below is an excerpt from the HR 3221, which mandated changes to the way income limits are calculated, along with a technical explanation of how these changes affect tax credit properties. The new limits are effective April 1, 2024.

Income & Rent Limits Regulatory Guidance

2024 Multifamily Tax Subsidy Program (MTSP) Income & Rent Limits

Rental Production Program Loans

Income targeting for RPP properties is determined by the loan documents for each property and must be in conjunction with the following:

2024 HOME Rent Limits
2024 HOME Income Limits 
2024 National HTF Rent Limits
2024 National HTF Income Limits
2023 HOME Rent Limits
2023 HOME Income Limits 
2023 National HTF Rent Limits
2023 National HTF Income Limits
2022 HOME Rent Limits
2022 HOME Income Limits
2022 National HTF Rent Limits
2022 National HTF Income Limits
2021 HOME Rent Limits
2021 HOME Income Limits
2021 National HTF Rent Limits
2021 National HTF Income Limits
2020 HOME Rent Limits
2020 HOME Income Limits
2020 National HTF Rent Limits
2020 National HTF Income Limits
2019 HOME Rent Limits
2019 HOME Income Limits
2018 HOME Rent Limits
2018 HOME Income Limits
2017 HOME Rent Limits
2017 HOME Income Limits
2016 HOME Rent Limits
2016 HOME Income Limits
2015 HOME Rent Limits
2015 HOME Income Limits
2014 HOME Rent Limits
2014 HOME Income Limits
2013 HOME Rent Limits
2013 HOME Income Limits
2012 HOME Rent Limits
2012 HOME Income Limits
2011 HOME Rent Limits
2011 HOME Income Limits

Project-Based Section 8

2024 Income Limits 
2023 Income Limits 
2021 Income Limits
2020 Income Limits
2019 Income Limits
2018 Income Limits
2017 Income Limits
2016 Income Limits
2015 Income Limits
2014 Income Limits
2013 Income Limits
2012 Income Limits
2011 Income Limits

Agency-Issued Tax-Exempt Bonds

No charts are currently available

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

TBRA is not currently funded